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The Facts: we are a new hard working agency seeking your business.

We have a long term approach to business and our commitment is to forge relationships that produce repeat business.

That is the best measure of customer satisfaction.

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Agency Opinion Piece follows:


Grazing land price in the far South West of Victoria ranges from $4000 - $5200 per acre (updated 5th July 2019). Land prices are from our experience on the rise as farmers get more money in their pockets.

The main drivers being low interest rates and good returns from fat lamb and now a sharp rise in cattle prices. Even though both lambs and cattle prices have come back, they are still giving very high returns.

Dry land farmers are still willing to pay up $5000 plus depending on infrastructure and location for an example an adjoining property.

Funds investor billionaire George Soros says he is investing in agriculture perhaps we should take note of who else is positioning themselves to take advantage of the global demand for commodities.

So why not invest in rural property with all time record lamb, cattle prices, farmers in high rainfall areas are having a very good year.



The Reserve Bank of Australia board met today . 2nd October 2019.

R.B.A. has kept the cash rate to 0.75% an all time low.


Lets hope the UK leaves the EU and then watch the Lamb prices go north.




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